Officer Reorganization

During the 2020 Winter Meeting, a recommendation was offered and approved to combine the duties of the Secretary and Treasurer. This individual would be responsible for treasurer duties, maintaining the roster and creating meeting minutes. As in the past, the newsletter will be handled separately. NC3 Officers for 2020 are: Fleet Captain: Luci Stone Secretary/Treasurer:

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New Officers Confirmed

  New Officers were confirmed at the Change of Watch Meeting held on November 2, 2019. The following Officer positions were nominated and accepted for 2020: Fleet Captain: Luci Stone Fleet Secretary: Donna Rapkins Cruise Director: Bryant Gorrell Treasurer: John Hughes


Smart, Easy Way to Rewire

A professional installer shares his secrets for rewiring your sailboat. Running the wires for new electronics requires your best cursing vocabulary, lots of sweat, twisting body contortions, luck, and the occasional bandage. For tips on how to make this job easier, we turned to PS contributor Bill Bishop. A professional marineelectronics installer, Bishop has many

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Decontamination a Tainted Water Tank

Those of you who missed our report on how a weak winterizing solution can create a Sandals Beach Resort for waterborne bacteria you may be noticing a pungent odor coming from your galley tap. Regardless of the cause of your water woes, our favorite chemist-sailor Drew Frye has spent most of the winter coming up

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varnish touch ups & take downs

Varnish Touch-ups & Take-downs

Those long lovely wooden toe-rails can be the bane of the warm weather sailor once it goes bad; but if you stay on top of the finish the pain is minimized, and you’ll have a real head-turner in the marina. To keep brightwork healthy, approach it as you (hopefully) do your own health. Set a

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Total War Comes to the Chesapeake

As a continuation of our series of Local Interest Articles, we continue with more of the War of 1812 that has interest to our local area. For the first part of the War of 1812, the British pretty much kept away from the Chesapeake region, preferring instead to keep fairly close to their American base

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Plastic Through-hull Warning

Some cheaper materials can fail within the first year of use. This is a very important item that should be checked, preferably before your vessel is launched. I had this problem twice on First Light where the thru-hull just appeared chalky. Last year I replaced it with a bronze thru-hull to resolve the problem. When

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light air

Why Can’t I Point in Light Air

“Why can’t I point?” is a common refrain heard post-race at bars and yacht clubs around the world, and it’s a tricky question to answer. In the first installment of a four-part series on troubleshooting pointing issues, Quantum’s Dave Flynn starts with light air. When it comes to difficultly pointing, there are many possible, often

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royal navy

Chesapeake Bay Local Areas of Interest [March 2019 Edition]

Since we will be visiting the time period of the War of 1812 in later LOCAL AREA articles, we was felt that a prequel would be of some help for you to understanding the conditions that existed during that time period of our nation’s history. War of 1812 The American Revolution ran from 1775 to

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New Found Product Time

Depstech Endoscope: As demonstrated at our March Meeting, this model coupled with your smart phone device allows you to peek into places without taking apart the entire area. It consists of a HD Snake Camera with a WIFI transmitter. The unit can be linked to your Smartphone either Android or IOS iphone. The Wi-Fi transmitter

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