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We have members at many different marinas around the bay.

The value of a club is that we do things together, to get to know each other better, to have fun, and to be there for each other when help is needed. Hardly a week-long cruise goes by without some mishap, something breaking, someone being towed or someone gone aground. You get the point. Whether the event is on the water or on the land, we are here to help each other.

Originally, we were a club based on the one-design Catalina 25 sailboat. That is no longer the case. After so many years and changes in Catalina production we find that many of our boats are not Catalina 25, and not even Catalinas. We encourage all people to join us in our love of sailing, of the Chesapeake Bay, and of life.

The only thing that unites us is the thrill of sailing and a desire to share our experiences with others. New owners and sailors draw much security by participating with seasoned salts. There isn’t anything you can experience that hasn’t been experienced by other members: piloting, anchoring, mooring, weather, breakdowns no matter. Offers of assistance are repaid by your assistance to someone else. Sharing fun, sorrows, joys, discoveries, and learning is what we are about.

We are an eclectic group of people from all ages and walks of life. Our members come mostly from the tri-state area of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Because of the distribution of our membership, there is a wide range of participation in our activities. Some only find time to join us on weekends, or only on our week-long cruises, and yet, others just for our on-land events. However you participate, you will find a home among a friendly group that loves to sail.

During the sailing season our newsletter is published monthly while during the off season you can expect to see it every other month. The newsletter is member-edited and member-authored. All members are encouraged to submit articles and photographs for publication. There have been articles published by those over 60 as well as under 15. The different perspectives help keep the newsletter interesting.

We sponsor several sailing events each season. These are mostly cruises of from one day to one week in length. Our annual Moonlight Cruise on the Bay is a wonderful opportunity to experience the pure beauty of sailing at night with the company of others who have done it many times before. Our week-long cruises afford us the opportunity to see new and different ports of call, pristine anchorages surrounded by nature, and an opportunity to challenge our skills and equipment. Here you can see bald eagles, blue herons, and our bay creatures in their natural habitat.

Read about the history of NC3 here.

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