New 2021 – 2022 NC3 Officers Elected

The annual election for NC3 Fleet Officers was held at the November 6th Change of Watch Meeting. Dave Wisel, who has held the position of Communications Officer for the past two years, was elected the new Fleet Captain. Craig Stone, whom served as Cruise Director several seasons ago was reelected to that position. Jason O’Mara will be Communications Officer for the coming season. Jason redesigned the NC3 website 2 years ago and has been instrumental in maintaining it. John Hughes has been an excellent steward of the Fleet’s finances and will remain the Fleet Treasurer and will also continue to record meeting minutes.

Incoming Fleet Captain Dave Wisel had this to say. “I am extremely excited for coming 2021 – 2022 season and I believe I am up to the challenge of leading the Fleet. The global pandemic has certainly changed the way we live and it has made gathering as a group extremely difficult. But I am hopeful that the 2021 – 2022 season is going to be one of the Fleet’s best seasons yet. I have a many ideas on how we can get more members involved in the cruise and event planning process and hopefully on cruises as well! I am looking forward to working with Craig, Jason, John and all of the members of NC3.

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