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Depstech Endoscope:

As demonstrated at our March Meeting, this model coupled with your smart phone device allows you to peek into places without taking apart the entire area. It consists of a HD Snake Camera with a WIFI transmitter. The unit can be linked to your Smartphone either Android or IOS iphone. The Wi-Fi transmitter sends a signal that your Smart device can pickup via its Wi-Fi receiver. It’s the same as connecting to a Wi-Fi. The camera is color HD compatible and has a variable intensity LED light that is controlled at the interface control box. It has the ability to take either snap shots or video and store them on your smart phone. As accessories, it is supplied with a 90 degree mirror, and a pickup hook plus a system reset key.

You can purchase your own unit or one of their other many versions from Amazon. If your interested, why not check out their product line by following link,

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