Now that the Governor of Maryland has opened up recreational boating, this weekend begins the 2020 sailing cruises. I am sure we are all wondering what this year’s cruises will look like? Personally I am wondering too! I think we will need to have shorter cruises and be less dependent on marinas.

This may be a time when we do a lot more anchoring out rather than overnights in a marina. I, for one, have no desire to sit around a public pool or shower in public bathrooms. I am not sure how everyone else feels at this point. With regards to the cruises and happy hours, because raft-ups are not allowed one suggestion was to have dingy happy hours. This is where everyone dinks over to a central boat but remains in their own dinghy. I think is a good idea but am sorry to say sharing of great happy hour food is on hold at this point. We all need be aware that any of us can unknowingly be an asymptomatic carrier of this virus.

The good news is we may only have to get through this year of craziness as there is some hope for vaccine on the horizon. Dr. Fauci says we might see a vaccine as early as January 2021, so lets hope and pray.

The other good news is we have many ways to communicate with each other. When the weather is nice we will hold impromptu cruises and post information on our Facebook page and also send out via email.

We will try to honor the cruise schedule but the cruise locations and activities may be changed or shortened. We will need to avoid larger, more popular areas and activities for this year. I am always open to suggestions and feedback so feel free to reach out!