A Message About Our Medical Professionals

As most of you are aware, I have spent a great amount of time in hospitals and infusion centers for the past 6 years.  I look at the men and women who are nurses and doctors and marvel at their ability, compassion and mental fortitude.   I have seen many instances when these medical professionals have gone above and beyond the requirements of their jobs in order to comfort a patient.

These last two weeks, as I went down to the U of MD medical center for my radiation treatments, I noticed a change in the attire of the doctors and nurses as well as a change at the facility itself.  The number of people entering and exiting the hospital has been greatly reduced and all entrances have security personnel at the doors to ensure that those who wish to enter have legitimate business there.

As we walked through the hospital we noticed a great number of doctors and nurses that are dressed in protective gear.  Masks, gowns, hair covers and shoe covers now are common.  Yesterday, as we walked toward the hospital entrance, we noticed chalk writings on the sidewalk.  The lettering on these chalk signs thanked the doctors and nurses of various departments for their expertise and their devotion to duty.

I think of these people now during this medical crisis and know that these medical professionals are putting themselves in harms way in order to care for their patients. I know that we have lost some doctors and nurses to the virus as they struggled to heal and comfort their patients.

Please keep these dedicated medical professionals in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you.

Walter Naef

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