NC3 Liability Waiver

As a member(s) of Northern Chesapeake Cruising Club, also referred to as NC3 or “the club”, I agree to abide by the rules and policies of the organization.

I (We) certify that the information in my (our) application and membership is correct and that as captain(s) of the vessel indicated in my application form.

I (We) shall maintain liability insurance policy on my (our) vessel.

NC3 stressed safety in every phase of the activity; however, boating is not without risks. By signing below, I agree that I am solely responsible for the safety and conduct of myself, my crew, my guests and my vessel at all times. This applies to any risks to me, my crew, my guests, and my vessel, not withstanding whether on board, swimming, on shore, as a participant in a club event or in any other manner associated with the club.

I, my crew and my guests agree to hold harmless the duly elected officers and all other members in good standing of NC3, its leaders, volunteers, organizers and sponsors of any club activities including raft-up captains, liable for any injury, illness, or damages incurred including any claims whatsoever for acts, error, and omissions relating to club duties.

I understand and agree that my participation in any NC3 activity is done voluntarily and with full knowledge of the risks inherent therein.

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