Northern Chesapeake
Cruising Club

Based in the Northern Chesapeake Bay, NC3 is a group of sailing enthusiasts who enjoy having fun, building friendships, and helping each other. We encourage all people to join us in our love of sailing, of the Chesapeake Bay, and of life.

Come Sail With Us!

Sailing, Learning & Safety

Northern Chesapeake Cruising Club (NC3) is a sailing club with interests in cruising, learning and safety. We welcome all people of all ages with an interest in sailing.

Each of us started out not knowing a thing about boats and sailing. Everyone has to start somewhere. Why not start with us?


Our Benefits

Explore the Chesapeake

Easy season we coordinate Chesapeake Bay cruises to discover new ports of call and pristine anchorages.

Have Fun

We are an eclectic group of people from all ages and walks of life, united by our love of sailing the Chesapeake Bay.

Give & Receive Help

There isn’t anything you can experience that hasn’t been experienced by other members. We love to help others and we hope you do too.

As beginner sailors, we felt a bit lost and disconnected in our first year sailing the Chesapeake Bay. Then chance brought us to Joe and the NC3 family. We’re so glad we became members. Everyone has been so welcoming, friendly and extremely selfless in helping us learn about our boat and cruising the Chesapeake.
Jason & Ellie
Newest members

Your Questions Answered

Who can join NC3?
We are open to anyone with a sailboat on the Chesapeake Bay. Most members are located on the Northern Chesapeake Bay. Our members live for the most part in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Delaware.
Where are you based?
While we have members at many different marinas around the Chesapeake Bay, most of our members are based at marinas within the Middle River, particularly Maryland Marina and Cutter Marina.
Why should I consider joining?
Not only will you have fun and make new friends with others that share your love of sailing, but you’ll build relationships with experienced sailors who love helping others learn and navigate the endless challenges of sailing. Plus, you can explore the Chesapeake Bay with others via short and long cruises coordinated by our members yearly.
How long are the scheduled cruises?
Cruises range from one day to 10 days in length. Short cruises stay local to the Northern Chesapeake Bay and longer cruises afford us the opportunity to see new and different ports of call, pristine anchorages surrounded by nature, and an opportunity to challenge our skills and equipment.
Do I need to know how to sail to join?
Nope. Although if you have a sailboat and don’t know how to sail, we encourage you to take ASA 101 or some lessons before embarking on your maiden voyage. This ensures the safety of you, your crew, and those around you. We encourage beginners to join NC3. New owners and sailors draw much security by participating with seasoned salts, of which we have many.
Do you do any other activities
We sure do. We love to get together and exchange sailing tales. We meet during the winter months to talk about the past and upcoming season. We have a Sock Burning ceremony to usher in Spring. During our annual Mast Raising event we help each other get our boats ready to splash. Special cruises include a moonlight cruise and a Shakedown Cruise.

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