Earlier this year at the NC3 Spring Meeting Fleet Captain Joe Rolfes announced that NC3 is now officially a member of the Chesapeake Bay Yacht Club Association. CBYCA is made up of yacht clubs throughout the Chesapeake Bay region including clubs in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia. The purpose

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The Anatomy of a Cruising Season

By Bryant Gorrell NC3 Cruise Director   So, you just joined a sailing cruising club… Now what?   You have so many questions and no idea where to get the answers. What do they mean when they say, “Go cruising?” I want to go but I am not sure what to expect or who do I

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NC3 Names 2020 Member of the Year

November 7th, 2020 At the annual Change of Watch meeting held via Zoom, Fleet Captain Luci Stone named Jason O’Mara NC3 Member of the Year. Jason was recognized for his contributions to the Fleet for designing and implementing the new NC3 website. John Hughes, Fleet Treasurer, displayed the Member of the Year Plaque that will

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Abraxas and Endeavour

There Again and Back   Day 0 It is 8 June 2020, 16:30 hrs, the year of Covid19, and this is your narrator Neal Musto, with Hermione the cat, on Abraxas, a 1977 Tartan 37c, on our way to meet up with Mark Rapkins on his Catalina 30, Endeavor. We are meeting on Mill Creek

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June Weeklong—the Confused Cruise

By Luci Stone S/V Tidechaser In years past, the June Cruise was known as the Summer Solstice Cruise as it occurs during the summer solstice. Then we called it the Wild West Cruise as we planned to hit destinations that were all on the western shore. Then COVID-19 hit and it was the COVID Cruise.

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4th of July

By Bryant and Karen Gorrell S/V Afternoon Delight The 4th was like any other 4th of July. It was HOT!   We started our celebration weekend on the 3rd, the day was hot! I mentioned that, right? Some were able to get out for a day sail, but our family didn’t make it out sailing that

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Product Review: Raritan Fresh Head

By Dave Wisel S/V The Great Esc As sailors, there a few things that we rely on when we’re at anchor; a reliable anchor and good set, healthy batteries,  and, depending on your circumstances, a working head. There’s no worse feeling, and I know this from recent experience, of realizing that your head isn’t working

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