Cruise Report: Late Summer Weeklong

Submitted by Craig Stone; S/V SOZO SQUARED

Captain’s Log Sail date 08252021

Getting ready and excited for the Late Summer Weeklong Cruise to begin, when I received a very strange email from Oscar Joseph Bienvenu III, M.D,,Ph.D. I didn’t know who he was, either. After reading his email I found out he is a prominent psychiatrist from Johns Hopkins Health Care. There were a lot of details, I will share some of the NC3 related content.

Dr. Bienvenu has been working with an individual known to all club members. Dr. Bienvenu is an expert in post traumatic stress disorder and it is in this area he has been providing therapy.

“I just can’t take it any longer Doctor. The expectations, the disregard for my personal feelings, my need for stable personal relationships which they are not willing to provide, I can’t see myself facing many more days under these circumstances. The transcript continued on for many pages. Dr. Bienvenu took the last Kleenex from the box that was full shortly before knowing something extraordinary was needed to save this individual. His idea was communicated to me in this email. I agreed, it was extraordinary, but also necessary.

Captain’s Log Sail date 08282021

Mid morning boats were leaving their slips headed to Rock Creek for the Weekend Sringboard before the Weeklong. A close reach out of Middle River, turned to a lazy broad reach down the Bay toward the Patapsco River. Until it wasn’t. Winds were maintaining 5-7 kts. until they jumped up to 20 kts. with no warning I could observe. Afternoon Delight dropped their asym. efficiently just prior. The pavillion at Maryland Yatch Club hosted happy hour with the award winning Bob McCool providing and pouring the tequilla sunrises. App contributions were many and varied with lots of laughter.

Most took slips at the Yatch Club, a few anchored nearby. Bryant did reveal that Roger had stowed away in his boat and was constantly and incoherently mumbling inside his trunk.

Captain’s Log Sail date 08292021

Again mid morning departure with nice wind on a close reach out of the Patapsco and again as turned S. wind eased enough to motor sail or just motor down to the South River and Harness Creek. All the weekend traffic was leaving the creek as boats were anchoring. Journey hosted a raft up of Endeavour, Double Cross, and Cintamani. Afternoon Delight and Sozo on their own. Happpppy hour was hosted by Dave and Deb. Nice people hanging out on a beautifu boat with drinks, enough said.

Captain’s Log Sail date 08302021 (everytime I type that I start laughing)

Before leaving Harness Creek wiser minds were evaluating the effects hurricane Ida was going to bring. It seems she was slightly delayed so we pushed back our arrival in Oxford so we could be in slips when the most serious weather was upon us. Plan B was heading to Dun Cove for another night at anchor. It was a nice sail tacking down the Bay, all those able headed for Knapp’s Narrows. Joe overworked his not yet broken in new engine helping new sailors off the bottom. Afternoon Delight and Double Cross stayed the night at the marina, the rest anchored in a very peaceful Dun Cove. The sky overhead was clear and full of stars and the northeastern to northwestern horizon was a continuous lightning show after dark. Deb reported the lightning was 40 miles away and so we could hear no thunder, but flashes were always someplace in the arc. It was hard to stop watching.

Captain’s Log Sail date 08312021

It was a short run over to Oxford and into Safe Harbor marina. It was a warm, no wind transit to the marina, so once everyone was secure the pool felt great. The hurricane continued to be slow so we extended reservations through Thur. The best part was that Luci and Chris decided to remain and hangout with everyone, After dinner was Margarita night and Queen Linda made a special pinata. Video evidence shows that Roger did not survive the experience, succumbing to repeated traumatic encounters with an old bent boat hook. We had a moment of silence, then moved into the community room for Funemployed and more drinks. Laughter was a cental part of the evening.

Captain’s Log Sail date 090102021

Ida arrived. A day sail was planned, but by 1 pm winds were 20-25 and building, so we went to the pool and laughed and drank and shared apps and laughed and drank and on and on. Until we decided to go to the Robert Morris Inn and have dinner, where we ate and laughed and drank and laughed.

Captain’s Log Sail date 09022021

Winds had shifted from S. to North and dropped enough that the morning coffee in the community room hatched a plan to take out Tide Chaser and Sozo with all who were willing divided between the two boats. Joe devised a course to sail in the Tred Avon and each boat had to estimate their time to complete the course. The winner not allowing the losers to forget. It was still post hurricane sporty as the boats had to determine the best sail plan to manage the 20-25 kts winds. It was exciting but also instructional as to safely managing heavier air. Being surrounded by friends and their support and insights. Luci, Chris, Mark, Bryant, and Dave on Tide Chaser made it look easy and very effectively navigated the course. Dr. Laura, Bob, Joe and I were just getting the reefing figured out when the wind ripped the jib on Sozo. Thanks to Tide Chaser for being so gentle in their well earned victory. The usual pool activities proceeded dinner at Capsize restaurant. A hurricane party followed. Unfortunately I fumbled the Hurricane drinks, everyone had to resort to their own. Queen Linda had a variety of tongue twisters, balloon games (which of course soon spun out of control… see Facebook) and pirate jokes which had a significant impact on me. Laughing too hard to talk for several minutes. Joe won the Deloris award for his generosity of pulling newbies off the mud in Knapp’s Narrows and laying out a wonderful heavy air course and for just being such a great guy. We all love to see Joe’s smile.

Captain’s Log Sail date 09032021

Sunny skies and moderate winds helped everyone say good bye to Safe Harbor and made way for Annapolis. Everyone who arrived early enough took mooring balls. Others found anchorage in White Hall Bay. Can’t report on the evening in Annapolis.


What did the first mate see when he looked down the head?

Captain’s Log Sail date 09042021

Winds out of the north as most boats headed to Rock Hall for another great time together. Sozo headed back to Middle River to start getting sails replaced. Everyone else headed back to Middle River on Sunday and many made their way to Bryant and Karen’s home for a surprise 60th birthday party. Dr. Laura gets player of the game for delaying Afternoon Delight enough to allow everyone to arrive before the birthday boy.

Queen Linda and I had a great time being around so many wonderful people who are sooo much fun. Thanks to all who participated, everyone made the week better.

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