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The Anatomy of a Cruising Season

By Bryant Gorrell NC3 Cruise Director   So, you just joined a sailing cruising club… Now what?   You have so many questions and no idea where to get the answers. What do they mean when they say, “Go cruising?” I want to go but I am not sure what to expect or who do I

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Spinsheet Magazine Now Available Online

Our favorite FREE local sailing magazine, Spinsheet, is now available online! The Covid-19 restrictions have affected Spinsheet’s normal distribution channel, your favorite bayside restaurant, marina or watering hole, so they have moved all of their content online. You can read the April, 2020 issue online by clicking here, then clicking the link to the April

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Decontamination a Tainted Water Tank

Part of every sailor’s winterizing routine should be draining and winterizing your fresh water tank. If not performed correctly, however, you may notice in the Spring that your fresh water is anything but fresh. For tips on remedying the situation and bringing your fresh water tank back up to standard, visit Drew Frye’s Blog over

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varnish touch ups & take downs

Varnish Touch-ups & Take-downs

Those long lovely wooden toe-rails can be the bane of the warm weather sailor once it goes bad; but if you stay on top of the finish the pain is minimized, and you’ll have a real head-turner in the marina. To keep brightwork healthy, approach it as you (hopefully) do your own health. Set a

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Plastic Through-hull Warning

Some cheaper materials can fail within the first year of use. This is a very important item that should be checked, preferably before your vessel is launched. I had this problem twice on First Light where the thru-hull just appeared chalky. Last year I replaced it with a bronze thru-hull to resolve the problem. When

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light air

Why Can’t I Point in Light Air

“Why can’t I point?” is a common refrain heard post-race at bars and yacht clubs around the world, and it’s a tricky question to answer. In the first installment of a four-part series on troubleshooting pointing issues, Quantum’s Dave Flynn starts with light air. When it comes to difficultly pointing, there are many possible, often

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New Found Product Time

Depstech Endoscope: As demonstrated at our March Meeting, this model coupled with your smart phone device allows you to peek into places without taking apart the entire area. It consists of a HD Snake Camera with a WIFI transmitter. The unit can be linked to your Smartphone either Android or IOS iphone. The Wi-Fi transmitter

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Varnish Over Epoxy

The appeal of well-maintained, varnished wood trim on boats is hard to deny. It evokes our past and we respect the owner because of all the time and effort it takes to apply and maintain the varnish. Historically, “the look” was achieved by applying twelve or more coats of spar varnish. This required a period

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life jackets

BoatUS Safety Suggestions

Get a free Vessel Safety Check: Where else can you ask a professional to go over your boat to ensure it’s safe and has all the required safety equipment? And if the boat is not up to snuff, you won’t be penalized in any way and will instead get some welcome, friendly advice on how

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drill hole

How to Tap & Rivet Into A Sailboat Spar

Tapping holes is a skill that requires some practice. Start with a piece of scrap metal, because mistakes in a spar are impossible to erase. Single taps cost about $15, though you will need a handle. A small set (#8 through ¼-inch) sells for about $60. Carbon steel taps are fine for aluminum. High speed

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