Chesapeake Bay

Total War Comes to the Chesapeake

As a continuation of our series of Local Interest Articles, we continue with more of the War of 1812 that has interest to our local area. For the first part of the War of 1812, the British pretty much kept away from the Chesapeake region, preferring instead to keep fairly close to their American base

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royal navy

Chesapeake Bay Local Areas of Interest [March 2019 Edition]

Since we will be visiting the time period of the War of 1812 in later LOCAL AREA articles, we was felt that a prequel would be of some help for you to understanding the conditions that existed during that time period of our nation’s history. War of 1812 The American Revolution ran from 1775 to

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Chesapeake Bay Local Areas of Interest [February 2019 Edition]

Dundalk Marine Terminal Just north of the Key Bridge, on the north side of the Patapsco River, sits the massive Dundalk Marine Terminal. One of the busiest ship handling facilities in the Port of Baltimore, the Dundalk Marine Terminal sits on 570 acres of reclaimed land, basically harbor dredge spoil from Colgate Creek, which runs

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